Fashion Accessories

  • 28.07% CTR
  • 36.49% Revenue
  • 36.01% Transactions Raise
Client: Fashion Accessories

Challenge And Solutions

The company is a luxury brand for women’s fashion accessories that stirs a sense of appeal and sensualness in the modern-day woman.


Novelty and extravagance are at the core of the business brand. These values are mirrored at every level, from the brand’s enthused designs to in-depth craftsmanship and lasting excellence.


With our PPC strategy and tactics, the brand could drive its audience and steer the consideration of women interested in premium quality designer jewellery that initiated buying from them. The shared efforts with their + our team got them back on higher revenue and business profitability which was dipping prior to partnering with us.


We resolved clients’ business challenges by enabling them to reach their loyal customers and made them aware of how to boost annual sales. The client had never used paid ads, and we helped them set up their campaigns from scratch and resolved their profitability tracking issues.


Our PPC activities incorporated Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads. We guided the client team in planning to reach their brand’s loyal customers, finding like-minded audiences along with keywords and audience research.


Our team further helped them with brand and product analysis, budget planning, campaign planning and marketing channel selection. We also assisted them with website technical analysis and tracking code installation through the tag manager.


Comparison of Result

This is values of how we help to our client for achieving 28% Conversion Rate, 36.49% Revenue and 36.01% Transactions raise.

Fashion Accessories stats
28.07% CTR
36.49% Revenue
36.01% Transactions Raise

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