Google Ads Promotional Code – Is worth it ? What is the catch?

Google Ads Promotional Code - Is worth it ? What is the catch?

Running an online business in today’s digital era comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising of your website. One valuable medium that can help you to boost your online business and attract potential customers is Google Ads formerly known as Google AdWords. To sweeten the deal, Google Ads often offers free Google Ads credit to businesses, enabling them to jumpstart their advertising efforts while saving some money.

If you are the one who has recently received a Google ads promotional code, you are likely excited about the possibilities it presents. However, you may also have some questions and doubts about how to make the most of this promotional opportunity. This blog post is here to guide you on what Google ad promo code is, how to use them effectively, FAQs and misconceptions on Google ads free credit and is it worth it or what is the catch. Let us get started.

What is Google Ads promotional code?

Google ad promo codes, also known as Google Ads credits, and Google AdWords coupon code which are promotional vouchers provided by Google Ads to businesses. These codes come in different amounts and are meant to encourage businesses to advertise on Google’s various platforms, including Google Search, YouTube, and Google Display Network. It is an effective way to get started with online advertising on Google.

What is Google Ads free credit?

Google AdWords free ad credit is promotional code that gives businesses a specific amount of advertising credit to use on Google Ads. The Google ad credit varies as per the offer, and businesses must meet specific eligibility criteria to qualify. This free Google Ads credit can be used in all the bidding strategies like impressions, clicks or other forms of engagement with Google Ads. This credit comes with an expiration date so businesses are required to use it within a specified time frame.

How to get a free Google Ad credit?

Businesses get these free ad credit promotional codes via email, from Google Ads representatives, or through other marketing initiatives. Advertisers cannot request for promo codes by themselves. Also, these codes come with terms and specific criteria which must be fulfilled by advertisers before the credit appears on their ad account. Also, Google gives out promotional codes as a special offer to new advertisers with new accounts. See this below image from ads account signup page. They are giving credits who starts advertising.

Google Ads offer for new signups

How does free Google Ads credit work?

Google offers free ad credits to eligible businesses to encourage them to advertise on Google Ads platform occasionally. These free ad credits can vary in terms of the amount and eligibility criteria. Here’s how Google’s free ad credits typically work:


Google Ads credits are usually provided to eligible businesses and this free ad credits are often available to new advertisers or businesses that have not previously used Google Ads. Eligibility criteria can vary based on the specific promotion, geographical region, industry, or partnership through which the credits are offered.


Eligible businesses are usually notified via email or through their Google Ads account. The notification will contain information about the free ad credit, including the amount and any terms and conditions associated with it.


To redeem the free ad credit, the business must follow the instructions provided to them. This involves signup/login into their Google Ads account and entering the promotional code they received.

Ad spend requirements

In many cases, to receive the full value of the free ad credit, businesses are required to spend a certain amount on Google Ads within a specified time frame. For example, Google has a current offer of Google ads ₹20,000 credit free to businesses that spend ₹20,000 in ad spend within the first 60 days which we will explain to you in detail later in this post.

Google Ad campaigns

Once the Google ad credit is applied to the account, businesses can use it to run ad campaigns on Google’s advertising network which includes Google Search, YouTube, and the Google Display Networks.

Terms and conditions

Read terms and conditions of free ad credit and follow them. These terms may include some type of restrictions on the types of ads you can run, geographic targeting, and the duration of the promotion.


Free ad credits often have an expiration date. Be sure to use the credit within the time limit, as unused credits may expire and become invalid.


If your ad spend exceeds the value of the free ad credit, you will be billed for the additional costs. Make sure to set a budget and monitor your spending regularly to avoid unexpected charges.

Google’s free ad credits are subject to change, and the availability and terms of these promotions can vary. So, businesses should always read the terms and conditions associated with any offer they receive and reach out to Google’s support or their account representative for clarification if needed.

Taking advantage of free ad credits can be a cost-effective advertising solution for businesses to generate leads or sales. but it becomes crucial to have a clear vision to make the most of these promotional opportunities. So, create a strong PPC marketing strategy and set up a goal before getting into it.

Is Google Ads credit free?

You do not have to pay for the Google Ads credits but not typically free as credits are with some conditions or requirements. To fully utilise the promo code, you may need to spend a certain amount on Google Ads within a specified time frame. These credits offered by Google are to encourage businesses to start advertising on its platform.

Can I use a promo code if I already have a Google Ads account?

Google ads promotional codes are primarily for new advertisers to start advertising on Google, but sometimes promotional offers are available to existing advertisers as well. The eligibility criteria can vary based on the specific offer.

How to redeem Google advertising promo code?

To redeem a promo code, you typically need to log in or signup to Google Ads account and navigate to the billing section. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started: 

How to redeem Google Ads promo codeSign in/Create a Google Ads account

If you do not already have one, you will need to create a Google Ads account. This involves providing some basic information about your business and payment details. If you have one then sign-in to your account

Access the billing section

Once your account is set up, Click the tools icon, and navigate to the “billing” section select Promotions.

Enter the promo code

In the promotions section, you will find an option to enter your promo code. Click the blue plus button. This is where you will enter your promo code. Add a promotional code and click submit. Make sure you understand any eligibility requirements or spending thresholds.

How to enter Google ads promotional code

Can I use multiple codes for my Google Ads account?

In most cases, you can only use one Google ads promotional code per Google Ads account. However, there may be exceptions, so it is best to check the terms of the specific offer.

Are Google Ads offer available in all countries?

Promo codes are available in all countries but offers may vary as per the country and region. So, please check your country or region-specific promo codes.

Common misconception on Google AdWords free credits

There are many common misconceptions associated with Google ad promo codes. These can lead to confusion or doubts or even one may not utilise these promotional vouchers for online advertising because of these so here we have tried to answer all most common misconceptions:

The free ad credit equals free advertising

One of the most common misconceptions is that a Google ad promo code is free advertising. While the code itself may not cost anything, it requires businesses to spend a certain amount on advertising before using promotional credit. This spending requirement can vary based on the promotional offer.

Immediate success

Some businesses who have never used Google as their paid advertising platforms believe that using a Google ad promo code guarantees instant success and a flood of new customers and new business. But a successful advertising campaign requires proper campaign setup and optimization. The promo code is just a medium to help you get started.

Unlimited credit

Many businesses think that they can use the promo code more than once and utilise the free credit indefinitely but most promo codes have an expiration date, and once you have exhausted the credit or reached the spending requirement, you will be responsible for covering the extra ad costs.

No need for strategy

Some businesses may quickly set up campaigns without proper planning and ad strategy because they want to redeem a promo code and need instant success. In truth, all your money gets wasted if an effective advertising strategy is not implemented which includes proper ad targeting, compelling ad copy, and ongoing optimization to achieve your goals. 

Any business is eligible

Please refer to specific offer’s terms and conditions as not all businesses are eligible for Google ad promo codes. These promotions often have specific eligibility criteria, and they may be limited to new advertisers or specific industries.

No ongoing costs

The promo code is to encourage new businesses to kickstart Google ads and covers initial costs through free credits rather than a long-term solution. So, businesses should be prepared for ongoing costs to run and maintain their campaigns.

Guaranteed results

Using a promo code does not guarantee clicks and conversions. The success of your campaigns depends on various factors, including your ad targeting, ad quality, competition, and market conditions.

To make the most out of the promo code offers, it is advisable to establish a clear advertising strategy and goals before using the code.

Google Ads giving free ad credit of ₹20,000. Is it worth it? What is the catch?

Yes, free ad credit of ₹20,000 is worth it and there is no catch but terms and conditions are associated with it and consider whether it aligns with your marketing goals. This offer is a valuable opportunity for new businesses looking to advertise online. Google Ads give ₹20,000 free ad credit when they spend ₹20,000. To claim google ads ₹20,000 credit offer, read eligibility and terms for ₹20,000 free ad credit promotional offer page.

claim-20,000 Google Ad credit

How to use your Google advertising promo code effectively

If you have redeemed your promo code, now it is the time to put it to best use. Here are some tips on how to maximise the benefits of your Google Ads credit:

Set clear goals

Before creating your ad campaigns, define clear objectives for what you want to achieve. Whether it is driving website traffic, brand awareness, increasing sales or leads. Setting clear goals will help you to measure your campaigns’ success.

Keyword research

Conduct keyword research to identify the search terms and phrases that potential customers are using while searching on Google. Use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to discover relevant keywords for your business from Tools > Planning> Keyword Planner.

Craft compelling ads

Craft engaging and relevant ad copy that speaks to your target audience. Mention unique selling points and a clear call to action in your ads.

Optimise landing pages

Ensure that the landing pages your ads lead to are user-friendly, load quickly, and provide a seamless experience. A well-optimised landing page can significantly impact your conversion rates.

Monitor and adjust

Monitor the ad campaign performance regularly. Google Ads provides detailed metrics that can help you track clicks, impressions, conversions, and many other metrics. Use this data and make required adjustments to your ad campaigns for better results.

Stay within budget

Set a daily/monthly spending limit and keep an eye on your budget to ensure you do not overspend.

Experiment and learn

Experiment in your campaigns with different ad types, geo-targeting, bidding strategies and learn from results and improve your ad performance over the time.

Remember, Google advertising promo code is an effective tool, but they will not guarantee instant success. To make your move effective, follow these steps and stay committed to your marketing goals and drive meaningful results for your business.

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